Dialed In Pinball Standard Edition

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Shipping Dimensions: 61″ x31″ x31″ on pallet

Weight: 370 lbs

Year: 2017

Dialed In Pinball Standard Edition

Most recent pinball machines are all based on blockbuster movies such as The Hobbit; The Walking Dead, or Game of Thrones. The Jersey Jack Pinball Dialed In pinball machine is an original theme.

dialed in pinball for sale

This design simulates a pop culture experience, but also to deliver fast, smart, and addictive pinball gameplay. And with an original theme comes totally new features, Indeed, with the dialed in pinball for sale, you can even connect your phone to the game. It is also one of the pinball machines equipped with a camera.

It also allows you to unlock additional gaming capabilities via your smartphone.

Additionally, the game is about Quantum City, a place known for its cutting-edge technology, powerful corporations, and a sense that things just aren’t going well.

What are the features of the Jersey Jack Pinball Dialed In pinball machine?

The Jersey Jack Pinball Dialed In pinball machine features the latest technological prowess, with a lot of thought given to playability, aesthetics and theme.

The quality construction also ensures performance with a particular requirement and a rarely equaled reliability.

The Dialed In pinball standard model includes:

  • A 27-inch HD LCD display with custom full-color animation and visual integration of game features.
  • RGB-LED game board lighting.
  • The stereo headphone jack with player-adjustable volume controls.
  • A stereo surround system with 5 2.1 speakers.
  • The premium coated game board.
  • Several multi-balls.
  • 5 magnets, one moving target.
  • A phone and a theater with hologram.
  • Un shaker.

Also, the Standard Edition comes with a small “camera flash”, mounted on the backbox as standard equipment for this model. It simulates a camera flash that lights up when the camera takes a photo.

You can operate the flippers and other features remotely through your smartphone’s Bluetooth connectivity.

This Dialed In pinball Standard Edition machine is a total visual and sound success. The board is just magnificent, the game plunges you into titanic battles against the elements. Start a game, optimize your score, challenge your friends and explode the points!

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