Dialed In Limited Edition Pinball Machine By Jersey Jack

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Condition: New
Year Released: 2017
Dimensions: 29″ W x 58″ D x 76″ H
Weight: 250 lbs

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This limited edition masterpiece is a must-have for pinball enthusiasts and collectors alike. With its exclusive features and stunning design, it’s a true gem that will elevate any game room to new heights.

Immersive Gameplay

Dive into a world of immersive gameplay as you embark on thrilling missions and captivating storylines. The Dailed-In™ pinball machine will keep you on the edge of your seat, guaranteeing hours of excitement and endless fun.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Prepare to be amazed by the cutting-edge technology of the Dailed-In™ Limited Edition. From its state-of-the-art visuals to its immersive sound effects, every flip of the flipper will transport you to a whole new dimension of pinball gaming.

Remarkable Artistry

Feast your eyes on the breathtaking artwork that graces the Dailed-In™ Limited Edition Pinball Machine. Meticulously handcrafted by renowned artists, every inch of this masterpiece is a testament to the beauty of pinball.

Exclusive Features

The Dailed-In™ Limited Edition is packed with exclusive features that will keep you hooked for hours. From interactive toys and innovative mechanics to mind-blowing lighting effects, this pinball machine is a true game-changer.

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Don’t miss out on owning a piece of pinball history. With a limited number of machines available, the Dailed-In™ Limited Edition is a rare find that will make you the envy of every pinball enthusiast.

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Dialed In Pinball Limited Edition Features

  • Standard Size
  • Dimensions: Height: 76.0″, Back Box Width: 29.0″, Cabinet Depth: 52.0″, Cabinet Width: 22.25″
  • 27″ HD LCD featuring full color custom animation & visual integration of game features
  • RGB-LED playfield lighting
  • Stereo headphone jack with independent user adjustable volume controls
  • 5 Speaker 2.1 stereo surround system
  • Quantum haze clear coat body armor
  • Premium clear coated playfield
  • Glare reducing Invisiglasstm.
  • Shaker motor

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Additional Game Features include:
  • 3-D interactive projected image
  • Innovative swiveling LCD mount
  • Illuminated cityscape back panel
  • 3 Flying Drones
  • Animated robot
  • Moving animated target
  • Hidden trap door
  • Multiple shot subway system
  • 3 ball lock multi-ball play
  • 5 magnet assemblies that enhance ball movement and game play
  • Stereo headjack on cabinet front

Dialed In Limited Edition Pinball Machine for sale

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Reconditioning Process:

When you place your order, we will take the game out of storage and put it on the shop floor where our technicians will fully recondition the game. Also  note that this is done at no extra cost.

Furthermore, this process involves our technical staff fully testing all the component parts to ensure it is in fully working order. This also involve cleaning the machine and making any repairs that may be needed. Also, note that this is not a brand new product please be aware that there will be signs of cosmetic wear evident on the machine.

Maintenance & Warranty:
  • We recommend keeping pinball equipment at room temperature for maximum performance
  • We also recommend that you keep the machine clear of dust and dirt, and that care is taken switching the machine off and on and allowing software to fully load before attempting use
  • For further information on maintaining and cleaning your pinball machine, we have a technical helpline that runs Monday to Friday between 10am & 5pm
  • Also note that we supply all pinball equipment with a 12 month on-site manufacturing warranty –  not suitable for commercial use

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