Product Warranty

Each of Our new Pinball Machine is covered by the respective manufacturer’s warranty policy. CLASSIC PINBALL GURU CO., INC as the retailer does not offer any additional product warranties outside that of the manufacturer. We do however act as the conduit between the customer and the product manufacturer (or their representative).

When a warranty case is processed, the removal, assembly, and tuning requirements of any components are borne by the customer making the claim.

When necessary, the freight costs are split between the parties involved. The customer pays for the component to be returned, and we pay for the component to be sent back to the customer.

The costs/inconvenience caused by the loss of use of the item/product is not covered whilst the warranty process takes place.

Generally, it is only the original purchaser of the goods that is covered by the warranty. However, check the manufacturer’s warranty policy first.

If you feel your product has developed a fault, please contact us first as we might be able to assess the issue without having the product sent back.

If the product/component needs to be returned, it must be clean and packaged appropriately for transit.

To contact us for warranty claims, only email correspondence is accepted – this is to ensure all claims are accurately logged.

This policy does not affect your statutory rights.

Parts And Accessories Warranty

In the event that you have a warranty claim in respect of a product delivered within the US, you will be asked to return the relevant Product to our warehouse.

Please note that you must keep your original product packaging in order to be eligible for our pick-up service. In the event that you do not have the original packaging, you will bear the responsibility for safely packaging your Product for transport and we will accept no liability for any further damage that may occur in transit due to bad packaging.

Provide the warranties and product support set out in these Terms and Conditions in relation to Products offered and supplied by us from the website.

The warranties and product support set out in these Terms and Conditions are provided irrespective of:

  1. the identity  of the Product;
  2. whether or not the we provided its own warranties or product support in relation to the Product.

For the avoidance of doubt:

  1. We make no representations or warranty in relation to the existence, non-existence, validity, availability, terms or conditions of any other warranties or product support that may or may not be offered or provided by the manufacturer of the Product; and
  2. Our products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under Consumer Law. The warranties and product support that we offer and provide pursuant to our Terms and Conditions are in addition to the consumer warranties and guarantees under Consumer Law.

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