Looking for a Classic, Vintage, or arcade pinball machine for sale?  We offer a large selection of Classic, Used and new pinball machines for sale at the best prices.

we have Fully Refurbished Pinball Machines for Sale Online such as Addams Family, Austin Powers, Avatar, Batman The Dark Knight, Baywatch, Big Buck Hunter Pro Pinball, etc,

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CLASSIC PINBALL Machine for sale


We have classic pinball machines for sale, vintage pinball machines for sale and new pinball machines for sale at the best prices online.

We have a wide selection of classic pinball games from all major manufacturers including Stern Pinball, Williams, Bally/Midway, Gottlieb, Midway, and more!  If you are looking to add some fun to your home or office we have what you need to get started.

Used Pinball Machines for sale
Buy Used Pinball Machine Online at affordable cost from the Classic Pinball Guru, we have fully refurbished pinball machines for sale. we sell both used and new pinball machines with free Coins. Shop online with us today! Buy a Used Pinball machine Online

Restored Pinball Machines for Sale

We have some of the best, rarest new and used pinball machines for sale and arcade games for sale at Classic Pinball Guru. So you can buy Classic pinball machines online and fully refurbished pinball machines from here.
We are very well connected in the pinball community and have relationships with some of the best pinball restorers in the country. As a result, we are fortunate to be able to offer our “high end” restorations to please even the most discriminating customer. 
Furthermore, our relationships with personal collectors give us access to many “home use only” titles that other companies do not have access to. And if there is a specific machine you are looking for, just let us know. We can find just about anything ( we have had some unusual requests!).
So if you are looking for a Company that has the best pinballs for sale selection, highest quality products and the best customer service in the industry, look no further! You can find all of that and more from us. You are also welcome to come visit our showroom in Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA

 Used Pinball Machine Online

Classic Pinball Guru offers used and refurbished Pinball Machines for Sale such as Addams Family, Austin Powers, Avatar, 
                Batman The Dark Knight, Baywatch, Big Buck Hunter Pro Pinball, etc


How to buy Used pinball Machines

In recent years, pinball machines have become increasingly popular among collectors. There are many different types of used pinball machines out there, including vintage models, modern games, and even video-pinball machines. If you’re looking to buy a Used pinball machine, here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Know Your Budget

The first thing that you need to do when buying a used pinball machine is determine your budget. You can spend anywhere from $3000 to 37000 on a single game. The average price of pinballs for sale is around $16000. However, if you want to save money, you can find good deals from us today.

2. Find Out What’s Missing

Before you start shopping for a used pinball machine, it’s important to know what’s missing. For example, if the machine has been broken into, then you’ll need to replace all of the parts before selling it. Also, make sure that the machine works properly. If the machine doesn’t work, then you won’t be able to sell it.

3. Look At The Parts

Once you’ve determined how much you can afford to pay for a used pinball game, then you should look at the parts. The most common part that people will want to purchase is the playfield (the actual playing surface). This is because the playfield is where the action takes place. Other parts that people may want to consider purchasing include the backbox (a metal box behind the playfield), the speaker system, and the flippers.

Types of Pinball Machines

There are three basic types of pinball machines: upright, drop-down, and flipper.

Upright pinballs are the original model, while drop-down pinballs are slightly smaller and easier to maneuver.


1. Flippers pinball

Flippers pinball are larger and require less skill to operate. The most popular type is the upright pinball machine, which has a large glass top with a steel frame that holds the game pieces in place. A player can play this type of pinball by sitting on a small stool or standing up.

2. Drop-down pinballs

Drop-down pinballs have a similar design but are much smaller than upright pinballs. They also have a glass top, but it’s made out

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Our daughter loves the Terminator 2 Pinball machine we got them for New Year. The shipping was going to be tight, but Jason helped us monitor our shipment the whole way. He was very helpful and responsive. We have been thrilled with the quality of our purchase and with the customer service. We highly recommend Classic Pinball Guru!



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