Twilight zone pinball machine


Width: 68 cm / 27 inches
Length: 79 cm / 31 inches
Height: 193 cm / 76 inches
Weight: 118 kg / 260 lbs
Warranty: 12 Months Domestic / 6 Months Commercial

Enter the Mysterious World of Twilight Zone Pinball Machine – In Stock Now!

Looking for a pinball machine that combines classic design with a thrilling story? Check out the Twilight Zone Pinball Machine!

A Classic Design with Out-of-This-World Features

The Twilight Zone Pinball Machine is a classic game that transports players into a mysterious new dimension. With its unique and intriguing design that captures the essence of the same-named classic TV series, this pinball machine provides a fun and captivating experience that’s perfect for all ages.

Enter the Twilight Zone Pinball Machine

In Twilight Zone, players enter the iconic world filled with sci-fi, horror and supernatural elements, and embark on a non-stop journey through various dimensions, time and space. With its interactive gameplay, challenging missions, and unpredictable twists and turns, Twilight Zone provides a thrilling and imaginative pinball experience like no other.

Perfect for All Ages and Skill Levels

Despite its complex themes and gameplay, this Machine is user-friendly and suitable for all players. Whether you’re an expert in pinball or a beginner, you can easily engage with its gameplay and enjoy the excitement of conquering the classic Twilight Zone challenge.

High-Quality Build and Endless Fun

The Twilight Zone Pinball Machine is built to last with its durable gameplay surface, high-quality components, and strong cabinet. This machine provides endless entertainment for years to come and guarantees that players will never tire of the thrill of the game.

Experience the Magic of Twilight Zone Pinball Machine

Don’t miss the chance to enter the fascinating world of Twilight Zone with its iconic sound effects, lighting and gameplay. Contact us today to reserve your own Twilight Zone Pinball Machine and experience the endless excitement that this legendary machine has to offer!

Game Features:

  • The playfield explodes with excitement when the space-age Power Ball unleashes its fury
  • Play to win the Power Ball being held in reserve by the innovative Gumball Machine
  • Superpin features MagnaFlip flipper power and a large playfield for a whole new world of challenging features
  • Buy In – players can buy an extra ball at the end of a game; all scores and game features commence at the level where gameplay last ended
  • Players Battle The Power in the Power Field with the industry’s first magnetic flippers
  • Game play becomes frenetic when The Clock allows players to play with time.
Restoration Process:

When you place your order, we will take the game out of storage and put it on the shop floor where our technicians will fully recondition the game. Also  note that this is done at no extra cost.

Furthermore, this process involves our technical staff fully testing all the component parts to ensure it is in fully working order. This also involve cleaning the machine and making any repairs that may be needed. Also, note that this is not a brand new product please be aware that there will be signs of cosmetic wear evident on the machine.


  • We recommend keeping pinball equipment at room temperature for maximum performance
  • We also recommend that you keep the machine clear of dust and dirt, and that care is taken switching the machine off and on and allowing software to fully load before attempting use
  • For further information on maintaining and cleaning your pinball machine, we have a technical helpline that runs Monday to Friday between 10am & 5pm
  • Also note that we supply all pinball equipment with a 12 month on-site manufacturing warranty –  not suitable for commercial use

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