Creature From The Black Lagoon Pinball Machine for sale

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Condition: Refurbished
Year Released: 1992
Dimensions: 29″ W x 56″ D x 77″ H
Weight: 250 lbs

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Creature From The Black Lagoon Pinball Machine for sale

Used creature from the black lagoon pinball

This pinball machine was designed by John Trudeau (“Dr. Flash”). Released by Midway (under the Bally brand name). It is loosely based on the movie of the same name. The game’s theme is 1950’s drive-in theater.

Its major feature is a holographic creature, set in the middle of the playfield. That lights up and waves its “hand” back and forth during multiball play. The holograph is set behind a green plastic insert, so that the monster appears green. The game was licensed from Universal Studios by Bally so that the backglass artwork, the cabinet artwork. This makes the creature looks like the original movie actors and monsters.

About Creature From The Black Lagoon Pinball Machine


Game Features:

Flippers (2), Pop bumpers (3), Ramps (2), Vertical up-kickers (2), Kick-out holes (2), 2-ball Multiball. Whirlpool ball funnel, Video mode. Hologram of the Creature appears below the playfield and lights up at certain times.

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This game is becoming one of the hardest titles to find lately. Relive all your 50s memories with this fun family friendly pinball. One of the most innovative toys in pinball has been the Creature from the Black Lagoon hologram which lights up under the playfield when you light the video mode!

The Creature moves back and forth taunting you! Follow the scrolling lights and shoot up the whirlpool ramp to start a multiball feature or shoot the Snack Bar targets for big bonus points.

This game has the following upgrades. -New coin door installed. -New legs, leg levelers, leg bolts and leg cabinet protectors have been added. -New display was recently installed. -New glass was installed.-Recently shop out with new lights and rubbers. This game is sure to be a hit with any family!

Reconditioning Process:

When you place your order, we will take the game out of storage and put it on the shop floor where our technicians will fully recondition the game. Also  note that this is done at no extra cost.

Furthermore, this process involves our technical staff fully testing all the component parts to ensure it is in fully working order. This also involve cleaning the machine and making any repairs that may be needed. Also, note that this is not a brand new product please be aware that there will be signs of cosmetic wear evident on the machine.

Maintenance & Warranty:
  • We recommend keeping pinball equipment at room temperature for maximum performance
  • We also recommend that you keep the machine clear of dust and dirt, and that care is taken switching the machine off and on and allowing software to fully load before attempting use
  • For further information on maintaining and cleaning your pinball machine, we have a technical helpline that runs Monday to Friday between 10am & 5pm
  • Also note that we supply all pinball equipment with a 12 month on-site manufacturing warranty –  not suitable for commercial use

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11 reviews for Creature From The Black Lagoon Pinball Machine for sale

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  1. Andy Bjurstrom

    The leg levelers come locked in place and there are NOT instructions how to adjust them, but support was quick to reply to my email about it so all is well. Also, I’ve lost sound after just a few games. I’ve checked the settings and things appear to be set correctly. I’ll be checking the connections and if needed I have no doubt support will assist me with getting it corrected.

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    Creature from the black lagoon has been so much fun and a great addition to our game room!

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  3. Kenyon Opp

    This purchase was was quick and easy- even the guys that delivered my pinball machine were excited about me getter this- great experience.

    (0) (0)
  4. Nick Drake

    The company was great to deal with. Friendly, knowledgeable and prompt reply‘s to my questions. perfect delivery , he was the best & love the games!

    (0) (0)
  5. Jeffrey Miller 

    Everyone in the family from the 4 year old grandson to the 83 year old great grandmother enjoy this game! The music clips make it more fun. Love that the volume is so easily adjusted too. It’s nice to find such a family friendly pinball machine. 

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  6. Jeff Sirkin

    This was a gift for my son. He loves it. And so does the entire family. Held a marathon NYE tournament and it was one of the best nights.

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  7. Kerrie Tee

    Classic pinball guru was great to deal with. Friendly, knowledgeable and prompt reply‘s to my questions. perfect delivery , they are the best & i love the games!

    (0) (0)
  8. Dawn Johnson

    Great service, responsive team. Great rehabilitation. Exceptional delivery experience, this was the best deal I could get after almost losing my money with different companies.

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  9. Kerrie Browne

    We love love love our new Creature From the black lagoon Pinball machine. We bought it for the kids for Christmas and have already clocked HOURS of fun!

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  10. Dawn Johnson

    really fun game with a lot of options and great for the whole family. I even got my wife to play and she enjoyed it as well.

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    I would purchase this game again as it’s a great game. Better to research and purchase on your own.

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