Austin Powers Pinball Machine for sale


Condition: Refurbished
Year Released: 2001
Dimensions: 28″ W x 58″ D x 77″ H
Weight: 250 lbs
stern pinball machine

Austin Powers Pinball Machine

Used austin powers pinball

Yeah baby! The Austin Powers pinball machine is the most shagadelic thing is happening. The International Man of Mystery is time-traveling once again. but this time appearing on a playfield of Stern’s newest, hippest pinball machine ever.

Made in the tradition of classic pinball, AUSTIN POWERS turns you on with all the shots. A spinning Mini-Me, an Austin that boogies, Dr. Evil’s hidden lair, a time machine. and a frickin’ laser beam that shoots real pinballs! Your favorite characters even say their most groovy lines. while Austin’s theme music, like, “Soul Bossa Nova,” keeps you groovin’ to the silver ball.

  • Cool, interactive toys, outstanding art, and great music and sound effects.
  • Easily understood and achievable objectives, as well as more challenging modes for the intermediate and advanced player.
  • A dot matrix display that shows clips from “Austin Powers International Man of Mystery” and “Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me.”
  • Adult and family mode custom speech.

Game Features:

Multiball, Playfield Magnet(s), Lane Change, Ramp(s), Up Post, Spinner(s), Cellar Holes. Also, Voice, Playfield Mechanical Animation, Turret Shooter

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Reconditioning Process:

When you place your order, we will take the game out of storage and put it on the shop floor where our technicians will fully recondition the game. Also  note that this is done at no extra cost.

Furthermore, this process involves our technical staff fully testing all the component parts to ensure it is in fully working order. This also involve cleaning the machine and making any repairs that may be needed. Also, note that this is not a brand new product please be aware that there will be signs of cosmetic wear evident on the machine.

Maintenance & Warranty:
  • We recommend keeping pinball equipment at room temperature for maximum performance
  • We also recommend that you keep the machine clear of dust and dirt, and that care is taken switching the machine off and on and allowing software to fully load before attempting use
  • For further information on maintaining and cleaning your pinball machine, we have a technical helpline that runs Monday to Friday between 10am & 5pm
  • Also note that we supply all pinball equipment with a 12 month on-site manufacturing warranty –  not suitable for commercial use

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