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  1. Overall, my experience at Classic Pinball Guru was delightful. I left the shop feeling satisfied with my purchases and the exceptional service I received. I highly recommend this shop to anyone seeking quality products and excellent customer service.

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  2. I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the Black Knight: Sword of Rage Premium pinball machine, and it’s an absolute thrill ride! As a pinball enthusiast, this machine exceeded all my expectations.

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  3. An impressive collection of refurbished machines, excellent service, and a welcoming atmosphere. A must-visit for anyone passionate about classic pinball gaming.

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  4. A couple of small issues. The dot matrix sometimes takes a couple of minutes to come on, balls get stuck on the playfield, on/off toggle not secured. Overall the machine is in great condition and a beautiful piece of art. Very happy with it

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  5. It’s a decent product with a fast and easy assembly. I’d give it 4 stars because there are some things I think should have been done differently, but my friends enjoy it. Now to the test of time.

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